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You have found the Right Place at the Right Time!        Three Generations of Pearce family together July 15th 2012

You have found the Right Place at the Right Time! Three Generations of Pearce family together July 15th 2012

Healthy Business Coach & Online Mentor


All My Life I have Loved Teaching,

Started Coaching Figure Skating at 12 years old youngest coach in Canada at the time.

I got my  Red Seal Chef papers in 1989,

  • Left that Industry
  • Tired of Training Slaves
  • To build someone Else’s Dream.

Now, I Teach Their Employees <How to Start an Online Business>

I have been Happily Self-Employed for 13 years spending time with my Family after left Cooking

  1. I worked at the largest bank in the World, Citi - Group.
  2. I was Mutual Fund and
  3. Life Insurance Licensed for eight years.
  4.  Learned “How Money Works”

Network Marketing” is a  Tool to Escape Early from your

“JOB” (Just Over Broke)

February 21st 2010 with my two day old Grandson Xander Lee with me @ 280#'s

February 21st 2010 with my two day old Grandson Xander Lee with me @ 280#’s

In 2009  I was Deeply Depressed with PTSD,

  • After a Road Rage Attack on February 11th at 5am
  • One week before the Big Market Crash
  • This Precipitated Us Losing 90% of my Potential Income
  • From 2008 Investing Year not a time to be Selling Mutual Funds.
  • Oryanna Graduated that summer it was the hardest year of my Life!
  • A friend at Toastmasters recommended Immunocal the Depression.
  • What did I have to Lose?
  • I was seriously thinking of Killing Myself!
  • Within Weeks of  starting taking Immunocal I  felt Better.

Finally after 30 years I had found Michael’s Health Answers!

<Just Adding a Few Vital Ingredients to My Diet> 

In a Week I Felt Fantastic!

I started taking the EXTRA Weight OFF!!!

115 pounds, So FAR!

Reduced the High Blood Pressure from Hypertensive to Normal.

Wow,  Thought I had Dodged a Bullet Aimed at my Heart!

Till I Woke Up 01/11/2011. with an Elephant Sitting on my chest

It was a “Widow Maker” Heart Attack !!!

But I was LUCKY!!!

 First, I Woke Up!

 Second, My Wife was at Home,

Third, She Took Me Straight

to the Hospital Emergency Room


  • Where a Local Cardiologist was on Duty.
  • He starts me on the blood thinners and clot busters, gets me stable!
  • I get Air Lifted to Royal Jubilee Heart Health Unit.
  • Where their Leading Heart Surgeon puts Four Stents in
  • Giving Me a New Lease on LIFE!

Now that I am Absolutely Thriving, Not just Surviving,

Now I use all of my Talents  from Coaching and Teaching about Natural Super Foods!

I get to make a living by helping like-minded people be healthier. I do this through sharing about food integrity and how daily taking a Whey Protein Isolate called Immunocal has saved my life twice.

The first four years Online I Posted on Facebook promoting my MLM  because they had great products that I believed in… until I figured out there are thousands of people who want you join their Business on Facebook. Most say you can make a lots of money FAST! That has never been Attractive to me, I will only Sell or Recommend products I am personal using.  Happily My Supplement of Choice is from a Canadian Company Built around Medical Research with Clinical Trials.

I turned to Blogging Online because I needed a Bigger, Better Audience.

When I want to Master something new I find someone who has Perfected it.

When I wanted to learn how to Blog,  I could have gone to classes for two years,

or paid someone $50 an hour to Tutor me forever or find a Master of Attraction Marketing .

Now, I learn from the BestI joined DMC+ to learn how to do SEO for a Product Site “CherryPower.ca” I had inherited from my upline. 

Now,  with what I have Learned I am writing a book about my journey from being an employee as a Chef to a Self Employed Stay at Home Dad (now Granddad).

I have had a few experience with Post Traumatic Growth - these will be a chapter in my new book,

“Having Nine Lives Helped:  A Journey of Personal Growth that Lead to Amazing Success in Attraction Marketing” .

Without the coaching and mentor-ship I have received I would still be spamming friends on Facebook!  Instead I have my own Website and I am Building my own List of Loyal Followers!

Thank You Ann Sieg and the whole team at DMC+

They taught me that in the Online Business World,

There are a few important things you need to have and to Know!


Unique Product:

Something everyone wants and needs to use Daily to Feel / Look Better!”


A way for you to be a Unique Person with Answers 

Not just someone else with a 

“Replicated Company Website”


Improving your <Unique Message>




mike4 copy

I am Mastering Attraction Marketing, Following A Proven Easier Path to Time Freedom.

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