You become what you eat.

You Create Yourself by what you Choose to Eat and Think!

Heart Health Update:

What happened at my 42 month follow up with the Doctor.

It was the Shortest Medical Appointment in my Life

She checked my file ask to check my Pill bottles for dosage on my Prescriptions.

She gives me the Best News Possible, No more Plavix Down to Three Pills from Seven Daily!

You can stop taking the Plavix usually after 18 month if your body has not rejected the Stents it is unlikely to be a problem.

I ask about my Lipator dosage he said he wanted me on the 40 mg. at least two years

I find this the hardest part with a bad Number of 1.36

I would like to be on a lower dosage having had a 26% increase in my fasting blood sugar level since starting these treatments.

I am worried because long term use of Lipator has been shown to increase the chances of me developing Diabetes.

Since my Blood Sugar is only 5.1 now up from a long time normal reading of 4.0

He believes I am at a  small but still greater risk of another Heart Attack then of developing Diabetes in the near future.



I will be putting this claim to the Test 13% Improvement in Muscular Performance

I am looking forward to this Stress Test;

I am in Best Physical Shape of my LIFE!!!


Hoping to run 15 minutes;  I quit last time at 12 and half minutes because my legs where worn out!

I Want to get another Echo to measure Heart function to see how much I have Improved this last Year

I have so many blessings to be thankful for.

Who would of thought this Former Fat Kid.

Would bet the odds and for the first time in my life  score 100% on a TEST!

I am in the Top One Percent of recovery for Patient that have had a Heart Attack!

Happy, I did not waste this important Top 1% Score in school!


p.s< IF you know someone that needs to hear the Best News Possible, Two Pills a Day; Down from Seven!

 Share this with them, this may save the Life of someone you care about.

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