I Love to write, now.

This has some personal Irony for me.

For years I made excuses.

With Dyslexia, it is hard to share what is really on my mind because the fingers do not alway work at the same speed as I think, the Spelling and Grammar is Painful  to Read I have been told by more than one Grammar Nazis 

Then I Remind Myself, Never to compare my skills to others.

Especially with an Expert in their Field of Expertise.

So if you can get past the bad spelling and grammar!

I know about some stuff…

I am an Expert at Preparing Traditional European Foods (Classic French) Fine Dining [Chef for 21 Years}

  • SaFe Storage, Rotation, Ordering Inventory, Scheduling, Event Planning, Preparing.
  • My all time Favourite, “EATING GOOD FOOD!
  • How to get People to work for next to nothing from my day as Kitchen Manager {Ha Ha!}
  • I can Prepare all my food from scratch.

I have a working Understanding of ” How Money Works”‘.

Thanks to Eight Years as a Financial Advisor with Primerica

  • Life Insurance,
  • Mutual Fund Investing,
  • Debt Reduction,
  • Long Term Planning
  • Disability Coverage

Deep understanding of Natural Food Options that can Improve your overall healtn.

  • ” Optimize your Immune Health “,  as Prevention is the Best Cure!
  • Safely Loose Weight and Keeping it off! (Lost 120 # in 4 years)
  • Walking your way to Better Health {started with 1 k in the Hospital}
  • Steps for an Effective Recovery Strategy Before and After a Heart Attack
  • Eat enough Raw Foods to BE in the Greatest Physical Health ever in my Life!

MY Why?

Surrouned by Happy Family


I Love my Family and Want to do everything possible to stay Healthy.  😀 

I enjoy spending time daily Being a part of their Lives.

I Pick Xander up at school every afternoon now at 2:30.

It helps get me up and away from the computer daily to stretch the body out.

In the last week, twice, I got to 15,000 steps on my Fitbit…

What do you do to 


                                                          Yourself?                                                                   Rules of the Game…








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