Canada Talks Health the Raw Audition

“Hello World”, was the first post four years ago.

Now after 240 posts just here on Michael’s health answers.

It turns out all this sharing about healthy raw options has had a side effect.

I know you never hear us raw foodies, talking about side-effects.

If you want to check out this effect.


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If you want to see what is new in raw, nature, whole and healthy,

Without Side-Effects, here at Michael’s Health Answers,

We have the Whole story on Raw Truth for You!

It was the development of Canada Talks Health. 

A Public Group, I run on Facebook with over 4,300 members

If you Blog about or have a healthy food based option that works as a remedy or natural treatment. 

PM on Facebook or 

Message me, “Let’s talk health” with

Your full name.

You must have a Profile, Picture of You! 

No cats, rats or other family pets allowed. 

Then make a friend request.

So we can connect.

PS< If you get excited about Raw, Natural Health options and believe transforming the planet to a greener and cleaner energy source would help everyone’s health.

You Believe, transforming the planet on to a greener and cleaner energy source

Would help everyone’s health.

Stop by

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If you liked, Canada Talks Health - the Raw Audition, Thank you for Being You!

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