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Chef Mikee, Decodes Raw Heart Healthy Food Answers


I will be sharing the some basic of food preparation and handling tips so you can benefit from all the things I did that changed outcome from might Live to Thriving with energy of a thirty year old


Tips: Your Food Decoded


#1 WE all need Omega-3 (not 6 or 9)

Everyone should use a quality Omega-3 supplement


#2 Clean Filtered Water

This is a good place for you to start your education

You are 70% Water, Tap water has been treated with chemicals that kill all living organisms

You are a Living Organism, enough said.

http://michaelshealthanswers.ca/Health Code1


#3 Fruits and Vegetables

Now wash everything you eat in cold water with a pinch of salt.

Do not forget to spin out any leafy greens so they can be keep in a clean plastic bag.

This will wash off fertilizer residue, pesticides and dirt .

Two servings of each daily


I was born with the Hora of Mercury:

It is auspicious for trade and business related matters, for all types of work related to medicines, for learning and teaching, for studying scriptures, astrology, writing, printing and publishing related works, for buying or wearing ornaments, all types of accounts work, for telecommunication and computer related matters.





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