When I was a Chef I it was my JOB

to Prepare Food into  

Small Easily Digested Bites

Now as  A Blogger  I Prepare

Complex Ideas into Small Easily Digested Bites

Now I will call these,

“Your Heart Health Codes”

During my first Blogging Challenge

I built a List Post  with 13,000 Words because,

I am detail-orientated and believed

I needed to  include all the details.

The First Post was

Canada’s Best Kept Health Secrets

50 Published Medical Articles

Supporting Health Benefits Claims

I have learned in a short period of time a lot of new details…

Most Importantly

No ONE will Read,

13,000 Words in its Entirety 


I will save my Topic of choice for the last Installment -

the Plan is to Break down the large post into Parts.  

Each Part will be about One Serious Health problem

how A simple Whey protein will

Benefits the People you know that suffer needlessly.

 I wanted to share everything about It until I found out there was over 

110,000 articles published on the subject.

After 8 hours of copying and pasting articles, 

I felt I had the most important fifty for my list post.  

I also had a huge problem:  

  • How does one organize fifty items that are all related to one Topic.
  • This turned out to be a massive undertaking on 
  • the most Researched Food Supplement on the planet.
  • I decided to organize the list by the ways it helps us to stay healthy.

One day I may finish this undertaking and create 

“101 Ways to Improve Your Life Daily!”

I don’t know about you but I have never been one to believe someone that says, 


“Trust Me! This Works!”  .


I want proof in Black and White spelled out for me;  

to this end I included Links to all the Original Articles for your review.

I have provided the Titles and Chapters Structure

to organize the studies into Dis-ease States

then if you or someone you love is ill and needs to know,

about a Specific Medical Problem.

I am not a Doctor but a Retired Chef

who had a Widow Maker Heart Aaaattack!

At 46 years old and for reasons Modern Medicine cannot explain

this Guy with three 90% and two 70% Blockages,

whose heart is working at 45 % normal function has a Heart Attack and

gets Airlifted to Royal Jubilee Hospital in Victoria BC.

There  Dr. Leather, the Best Plumper (Cardiac Surgeon),

in the Province gave me Three New Stents that Friday.

Then on Monday his newest trainee puts the last stent in

one of the 70% Blockages on the opposite side

What surprised me the most was that there is all this research and 

EVEN My Heart Specialist had not heard about what, in my eyes,

was the most important Scientific Breakthrough in Modern Medicine!

There is a FOOD that you can Eat that Helps Your Body Recover and

Be its Healthiest Self with out any SIDE EFFECTS.

The Purest Protein on the Planet,  Proven 110% Biological Value

The Purest Protein on the Planet, Proven 110% Biological Value


I am in the top ONE Percent in Recovering

60% Heart Muscle Function at my 13-week Echo-Cardiogram.

I was taken off the Warfarin and Blood Thinners

at 5 months and given a clean bill of health.

This is amazing!  

Most People who have a Heart Attack,

Never have any Increase in Heart Muscle Function.

My Blood Pressure is Low/Normal on Both sides

I have a regular heart beat of 70-80 beats per minute

I still take three Prescriptions Daily with my

Whey Protein starting every morning right


I Hope my Amazing story of Survival & Recovery

Saves a Life you care about!



What it Does for the Body by providing the Building Blocks to Create,

Glutathione “the Master Antioxidant”


1. Promote the Production of GSH


2. A Subject on this Whey Protein Exhibits higher levels Glutathione(GSH)


3. Clinically Proven to Raise GSH in several patient groups


4. Enhances Immune Response


5. Five X Higher Immune Response




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