I Love What l Do, Do You Love What You Do

I have always believed when it is not fun anymore it was time to find a new path.

Now I understand all paths lead to growth if we except life challenges.

Look at set back as Lessons that allow us to achieve personal and spiritual growth.

When I knew how to Cook gourmet food I had to teach and share what I knew with others.

Then I invest 9 years learning the Money Game as a banker, it taught me the ways to leverage a network as well as to accumulate net worth over time.

As I Embraced a heart healthy lifestyle.

Taught others how it all worked with an award winning Blog that shares how balancing Quality of Intake, Getting Daily Exercise while Decrease the Quantity of the overall intake leads to improving long-term recovery outcomes.

The magic happened.

 lost over 100 hundred pounds in four years.

Had and survive a Widowmaker Heart Attack. 

Now I am stoked be building a legacy project that will transform this planet in my lifetime.

I Love what I do.

I looking for People that Believe they can Change the World!

 I will help build the Gird.

Help Find the pioneers that see a bigger picture.

 I see the Dream that these visionary leaders (humans at our highest calling)

Elon Musk, the Solar Messenger!

Jonathon Budd, Solar Warrior Trainer!

Willing to gamble all they have in standing up to big energy.

Train us to share this message of hope to the masses.

Join the fight, learn about all the bad PR about solar options from big oil and coal supporters.

Build a grid help create a clean future for all our childrenès, childrenès, children. 

I Dream of the purified world that has clean water and air for everyone.

Now I have found all the pieces.

Global Leader that want to see:

Clean Air, Water,

I had already found,  the Purest Raw Protein to transform my earthly vessel.

The only one that Boosts the human immune response naturally.

PS, Like, Comment and Share with family and friends:

In the states if they want a to see if they can get this  0 down Solarcity.install plan.

PSS, Has a HEALTH CHALLENGE needs More Energy.



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