It was Funny sometimes when I was a Chef and the waiters said,

“It’s a table of teachers”.  

He meant they were cheap and did not “TIP”.


When you really listen to what is being said you will learn it is all about the Context:

  •  Who is Talking?
  • What are they talking about?

When I was in Financial Services and a client asked,

“How I am I doing this Month?” 

I knew that he was asking about his Investment return not just for a polite simple exchange of info.

It was like that Last Night when I attended a weekly gaming event at a place in Courtenay called:

the Dragon Candle Inn.  

Three points:

  • It was hosted at the home of a Life Long Friend and my first Mentor
  • Mike taught me everything I needed to know to be a Successful Chef
  • He is retiring this year after preparing gourmet food for 50 years.


Wyzard Dave

The Wyzard Dave shares the story of how we are Saving out Fantasy World this week.

This is a link to the Game Blog where the Game-Master spins his Tales of Fantasy and Adventure:


I have been a part of this group for 32 Years

Founding Member before the Dragon Candle Inn even had a Home.

I have been gaming and game mastering for 35 years now.  

We think of it as we are doing our part in keeping delinquent children off the streets at Night!


The Character Sheet and dice Box in the Games Room

The Character Sheet and Dice Box in the Games Room



The reason I bring this up is when I got to the Game this past Sunday our Host Mike asked how my week was.


My response was:

“Best week of my Life!! 

Started the Guru Code with Diane Hochman,

Learned about the law of the Jungle.

Completed Branded Kick-starter with Natasha Hazlett and have a clear mission and message to share

  •  I have made some great new Contacts
  • It has Helped me Improve my Alexa ranking
  • I have gone from 4,296,000 down to just over 3,846,000


Mike asked,

“How does a drop in your rank help you, isn’t that a move backwards?”

I explained that the Goal was to get to

> #1 in your home Country

>  then the # 1 Blog on the Globe

Like a Big Risk Game Played On Line


It was at that moment I realized there was a Language Barrier between us.

My cooking mentor and myself: Mike had no idea what I was talking about.

This was a problem that was easy to fix but it brought to light another larger problem:

We all forget where we started.


That is a Problem when I talk about Immunocal and all the benefits of taking it daily.

I need remember all this is new to the audience when they find this Blog and start to learn for themselves.

It was the most important part when I was Teaching young Cooks the trade.

It was Super Important when I was helping Families with their Personal Financials.


When Writing and Blogging about Changing Peoples Lives for the Better

K.I.S.S. is the Best Way to Go!

The Most Important Message I have had to translate yet is that

We each can eat our way back to health by:

  • Improving the Quality of our Intake
  • Decreasing the quantity of the Intake
  • Only consuming foods that give benefits beyond simple calories
  • Cut down on Processed and Packaged Foods
  • Juice Raw Fruit and Vegetables
  • Read Labels and Check for GMO’s
  • Be our own Health Advocate

If you don’t understand when I explain something,

Please Comment and Don’t Worry,

 I will Be Happy to Translate for you, again!  

Languages I’m fluent in:

  • Gaming Nerd Talk
  • Health tips
  • Tech Speak
  • Cars stuff
  • Insurance Lingo
  • Investment Jargon
  • French Classical cooking terms
  • Weight and Measures
  • Don’t do algebra at all

 Happy Reading, Gaming, Blogging and Living Life to the Fullest Daily

 P.S. Thank you to all my Fellow Simply  Blogging Challenge Participants

Check these site stats from November 2013:

  • Alexa Canadian Rank at 42,999  
  • Beth Hewitt, You are a Super Star among Bloggers!

I feel Blessed!!!



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