Man as a species has seen more change in the last 20 years.

Then in the past 200 years.

During that time, the oil syndicate that has been destroying our planet has been in charge.

In my fifty years here: this is the first option I have ever seen that will affect real change.

This delivery model will help solve the problems of the many.

Do you want to be part of that solution?

I believe we have entered that point where an,

Evolutionary Transformation Creates Bliss.


In my own life, I have always been motivated by what was good for others.

At 12 - I coached Figure skating.

Teaching and training became a way of Life.

As a Chef I shared what worked because I knew the difference.

When I left Cooking, I taught others the Rules of the Money game.

When I started losing the weight and winning my life-long battle of the bulge, I had to share.

After I Survived the widow maker heart attack, I wrote a Book, Created an Award Winning Blog.

Then it dawned in me, in this great journey.

Like my own twisted version of the Wizard of OZ!

I had found the answers everyone needs.

When I stopped looking outside myself.

Just stopped thinking where I was financially and started to focus on all the good things I had.

I realized, I am wealthy beyond measure.

Now check this out: we live in the fourth dimension on the way to the fifth.

I have found away to Restore my Physical Body by balancing Increasing Quality of Intake while Decreasing the Quantity, add Exercise and Activate your own Positive Attitude. 1-D

I had been bullied, assaulted, depressed to the point of being suicidal six years ago. Same foods helped start that healing too, then I found skilled consular who specializes in; Shining a light on what make us all tick’ Phyllis Chubb, a gifted Eastern astrologer with Western Double Masters in both Family Counseling and Psychiatry helped me Solve most of Past Mental Issues. 2-D

Creating Emotional Peace was found by working in Larry Hochman’s Mind Intensive. It helped focus on the positives, trained me to feel good, then retrained my brain by anchoring those positives 25 times a day for 21  reinforced by writing them out long-hand then repeating them out loud. I started to receive the wealth I had pushed away for over ten years. 3-D

The start of this journey I meet my Spiritual Teacher, Phyllis, she helped my find that first positive thought which at that time was; “To stay alive on my drive home so my Wife Angela, could be the one to find my body.” 4-D

Then I was shown how to breath correctly, not stay the western, nose breather, I had been. 

Taught me to do Buddist Mantra with set of Prayer Beads called, a Mahat.

I know the basics of “Sanskrit” at least enough to repeat the basic prayers, I work with.

This all allowed me to become aware of the biggest change ever enter the evolutionary step forward into the 5 th Dimension.

It will change how we do business here on this planet called, “Earth”

When one is spiritually at peace, you will come to understand, we are all in this together and unless we embrace positive changes at every turn possible we will have to die regretting that we did not act.


If found this post interesting or want in on the biggest change ever to come to the Opportunity space.

This is it! Call Michael at 1250703-6967  

We will talk, if this is for you, then I will send you an invite as soon as I have a spare one free, first come first served.



The thoughts running through my mind during that emergency airlift revolved around what I had not          

   < DONE  YET! >

Now I get to watch as the whole world witnesses that an, “Evolutionary Transformation Creates, Bliss!”






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