Funny how that one works in my natal chart the moon at my birth is in Capricorn.

Mood can swings and shifts with moons nature cycle. It turns out, with Mercury as my rising sign, I seem to have a lot of problems with vehicles and transportation during retrograde periods. 

I forget that this morning it is snowing and Mercury the messenger of the Sun, just went retrograde right in the middle of my route this morning. I am backing up in a tight spot and decided to turn the other way to avoid turning down onto a snow covered underground parking garage ramp. As I turn right the car slips in the icy track where I had just compressed the snow.

Nearly hit this tree in the snow

I Hit the fire hydrant knocking out the drivers side turn signal, damaging the fender and pulling on the bumper inside the wheel well.


Second, fact, I found out when I started studying about myself was that Individuals with this placement are sensitive to the emotions of others.

Since the heart attacks almost four years ago this week, I cry all the time.

At times, I am sure others think I dislike them or I am Rude when I avoid them.

No, I just have to be careful who I spend my time around if people are really Sick or Old

I can see they are close to the veil, it a special gift left from being near death, now I am sensitive to others ends so visiting in a hospital is super hard makes me tired and depressed quickly.

I want to place my hands on them and work magic, stop them, yell after them you have a choice I know about something that can change your path.

It is not for me to tell anyone, how they should Live, there Life. 

If you have decided to struggle and do everything you can to slow that specter that haunts us till we face death smiling, then turn around or give up, to embrace the journeys end, giving yourselves to that long night.

Am I saying, “I will never offer a health option to anyone again?”

No, I am saying, If you want to know what I did, download the free book and read it.

Then order the raw food that worked for me.

Start walking a little bit more daily, even if that is only an extra kilometer.

Start walking a little bit more daily, even if that is an two kilometer for the first week.

Next week step it up to 3 km a day.

Next week go 5 till you can do 10 k a day

Between the high Quality raw food and supplements I have for you, we will help you recreate a better, stronger and faster version of you.

It is like that old story says,

“Do you want to eat that daily health ounce of prevention or do you want to have to consume a pound of the cure that would be needed to help, Later?

PS< If you are ready to start your own journey to health use the tab on the left that says raw foods



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