Heart Health Tips.

As a Wellness Warrior I only share what works!


Intake Quality Decreasing Quantity Activate Exercise

“Marshall Discipline” called,


 Ill-ness Prevention, Physical Re-Building,

Dis-Ease Recovery = New You!




You are what you Eat!

You are What You Eat!

Immunocal Created the Glutathione that Protected my Heart Muscle and Supported a Truly Record Breaking Recovery



Quality Nutrients to Ensure Health and Longevity

If You Understanding the Science Behind. Immunocal  You will know if you are Taking the Highest Quality Nutrients to Ensure Health and Longevity? Immunocal - Whey Above the Rest So often we are asked how Immunocal fits into the world of dairy science and whey...

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Remember, Groundhog Day, the Movie?

Do you Remember, Groundhog Day, the Movie? You know the one Starting Bill Murray? A truly fun Canadian guy! Bill Murrays' Character gets out of bed every morning to repeat the same day till he gets it right. Sorry if you want to know how it ends take the time and...

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What do You DO Best?

  I Love to write, now. This has some personal Irony for me. For years I made excuses. With Dyslexia, it is hard to share what is really on my mind because the fingers do not alway work at the same speed as I think, the Spelling and Grammar is Painful  to Read I have...

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# 22

Let’s Connect Live this Monday


Who Do You Follow and Why?

Who Do You Follow and Why?

If you want an invite to the team meetings every Monday morning at 10 am pacific time

Call 250-703-6967 I will add you to the list

Eating your way to a Heart Healthy you has never been simpler.


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