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Intake Quality Decreasing Quantity Activate Exercise

“Marshall Discipline” called,


 Ill-ness Prevention, Physical Re-Building,

Dis-Ease Recovery = New You!



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You are what you Eat!

You are What You Eat!

Immunocal Created the Glutathione that Protected my Heart Muscle and Supported a Truly Record Breaking Recovery



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Canada Talks Health the Raw Audition

Canada Talks Health the Raw Audition "Hello World", was the first post four years ago. Now after 240 posts just here on Michael's health answers. It turns out all this sharing about healthy raw options has had a side effect. I know you never hear us raw foodies,...

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Eating Right, may not be Sexy!

Eating Right, may not be Sexy! Though, it can make you appear that way! Every once in a while, I have to get back on the horse I rode here on. Back to basics now who quit on their New years resolutions already? Come on be honest. Are you still going to the gym or did...

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Times are Changing, Do you Except Change?

I have had the same contract as a driver for fifteen years now because Times are changing, I have been forced to ask myself, "Do you Except Change?" I tended to fight it for the first 46 years. Now I go with the flow. I have been work the past two years to simplify my...

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Who Do You Follow and Why?

Who Do You Follow and Why?

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