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How I Ended up Semi-Retired at 44

When I sat down I had no idea that I would be writing chapter 5 in my fourth coming Biography

It now has two completed chapters, will share how I have spent all my time and energy these last four years, Semi Retired working Two days a week (10 Hours)

Well I took care of myself Facing the Greatest Health Challenge of my Adult Life!

I want to start 12 years ago for some back ground

I had worked as a Chef, over Twenty Years.

Usually 45 hours a week, 51 weeks a Year


Longest shift 13 days Straight 120 Hours

At the Shady Rest, a  Famous Water Front Restaurant in Qualicum  Beach on the East Coast of Vancouver Island where I live in British Columbia, Canada


As any one with any Food service experience knows.

We work every Weekend and all the Holidays

When everyone else was enjoying the occasion I was Preparing the food you where enjoying.

From 16 till my 37 th Birthday Twenty One Precious Years of My Life was Devoted to the Lowest Paying Professional Trade in Canada

When I went to the Owner of the last place I worked at the Salmon Point Restaurant and Pub in Oyster River on November 1 st 2001

Told him I was giving my ” Two Weeks Notice “, he thought I was just angling for a raise.

He did not even take me seriously asked what I was going to do

When I said I was going to school to get my Life Insurance and Mutual Fund Licences

To work as an, ” Independent Financial Adviser ” with ‘Primerica’ a Multi National Bank.

He laugh out loud and ask me, ” What I thought I knew about running a Business? “

My response was simple and to the Point,

” I have been running your business for the last 13 months and taken it from Losing 10% of ever dollar to Making 10% on ever Dollar of Food Sales”

“I believe your question should be who going Replace Michael; no one you employee wants the Job for that dollar extra an Hour you pay me?

Who wants to work for pennies to run this business now that I am Leaving the Trade Good Luck Selling this place soon.  I Escaped because I was tired of training more slaves in a career, without a future.

It May not be easy  it may not be popular. But It Does Pay Off!!!
It May not be easy
it may not be popular.
It Pay Off!!!




On December 1 st 2001,

A month Later I was in class in Victoria, when I sat down in that class I was Firm 240#

Without Reading the 1,100 Page Licensing Manual got my Copy on the first day of school

I went back for the second weekend of  Super High Intensive Training, Wrote the Pre-Test Scoring 61 % to qualify for a seat to sit the Provincial Exam in two weeks later passed that test and went to work selling Life Insurance to Friends and Family and Restaurant Works that had no benefits

Even thought I knew some Owners did not care a lot for their employees welfare, I still went to One Place a week to see if they would start group benefit plans for their core staff and after 6 months

I give up because not one of the 20 plus owners I talked to wanted to do anything for their employees retirement planning.

I stay with Primerica till June of 2009 when I was forced to give up my License because I was depressed and not doing my job well.

Just one week before the Big Melt down of the Whole Mutual Fund Industry

I was attacked by a Crazy, Stoned and Drunk Guy in a stolen car.

Since that Road Rage Attack on February 8 2008 changed my LIFE!

I call it my, ” Cosmic Two By Four “

I firmly believe if you are not listening to your own ” Subconscious Mind “

If you let your Ego drive you, sooner rather than later God , The Universe , Krishna, Your Higher-self

(I Hate Labels)  Let me explain it a different way.

In my experience three or four People I liked, trussed and respected told me I was in the wrong line of work they all said, To be successful long term you had to practice what you preached

It Helped to have a great true story!

I was talking to families about being responsible with their money living on

$50,000 a Year Total Family Income: Spending 55K

In most cases the People I was talking to made more a year than I did.

This I found a little funny at the time.

Later what I found out was the Universe does not always Laugh with US!

I had my best Income Year in 2007 ever.

I help local families Invest  $1,000,000 into Mutual/Segregated Fund  Investments products at 2.2 % Commission

That was $22,000 in commissions: just from Investments

I had a Local Delivery Route Twice a Week

Front End and Back End payments from Term Life Insurance Sales

$500 from a Mortgage Referral that year:   the only  ” SMART Loan “I sold in the Eight Years I was with Primerica Financial Services, a ” CITI Group ” Company

 I was One Misstep from ending up under my own car,

When I Left the Scene of the Attack the car had been rammed three times by the Crazy Guy out for a joy ride in a Stolen Car.  ICBC said the car was a total lose  gave $2,500 for it and  $5,000 for Pain and Suffering and said it was that or I could go through Worker Comp.


A Lesson may be Learned



Maybe get nothing for all my troubles

I signed off about a week after the accident

Thought I was Fine

Had No Idea what was ahead

I had I D,  the Drunk Guy had been Driving a Stolen Car without a licenses it turned out.


To be continued next post
















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