Thank you for taking your first step in the right direction. As a student I will teach you how to start your own journey to improved health.

I believe that if you want success in business you find a Business Coach. This is as true when it comes to improving your health.

Michael Gene Pearce.

Chef/Healthy Food Blogger/Health Coach, Michael's Health Answers

Do you agree that, in the field of Health, what you don’t understand can be dangerous?

What do you Want form LIFE?

I hope you do.  I am your passionate wellness advocate, not a dis-ease practitioner. We attract wellness, my friends. Allow me to explain the Hows and Whys of how it works!

*Please note that everything I did to Improve my Heart Health was through eating better quality and less quantity. As a non-medical professional I am not making claims it will work for anyone as well as it has on me. I acknowledge that everyone is UNIQUE!

I believe that you should always ask your doctor if the medication prescribed is to mask or to cure, considering 80% of the messing with body chemistry is simply to mask symptoms, till the body heals. My plan is to share what I know worked for me, allowing you to be able to start your own journey to wellness. 

I had invested thousands of dollars and tried products from six different natural health companies in my personal journey to restore my physical health and mental wellness. Over these last six years I had overcome clinical depression without a prescription, released over 100 pounds of unhealthy weight, and suffered chest pains twice.

Until the Widow-maker heart attack of January 2011 forced me to seek medical help.

I had three 90% blockages on the left side, and two 70% blockages on the right. A helicopter ride and 300 kilometers later four shiny new stints were used to repair my congested heart.

I did 24 months of relevant research and took ownership of my health. Both my doctors and I think the results are impressive. Thirteen weeks after my heart attack an Echo-Cardiogram showed that there was “no permanent damage to my heart muscle!”

Instead of the suggested 24 months, I stopped taking blood thinners 5 months after the surgery. In less than 36 months I had weaned myself down from seven pills a day to two. Currently I am taking only two pills daily with my doctors blessing.


Do you want to invest two years of your life into doing the research? Do you have $20,000 to spend on natural products?

If not then, I suggest you learn from this Raw Food Expert and Retired Chef who has had an amazing Heart Attack Recovery and journey to wellness.

I have been told regularly by coaches and mentors that “Success leaves clues. If we want to have success find someone successful in the field in which you wish to excel, then model and personalize what they have done to get the same or at least similar results.”

Each time you have a choice you can do one of four things:

  1. You can do some research and find a solution that suits you,
  2. Trust that your Doctor understands all the options, both traditional and natural,
  3. Pursue every avenue till you die or you are fully recovered and leading a healthy full life,
  4. Do Nothing… because believe it or not… doing nothing is a common choice made by many these days.

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