AS summer turns to fall and the leaves change color. 

Life’s Focus turns to family and brings me to the number one reason I have been self-employed for the last 14 years.

I get to be, Super Grandpa to the Rescue!

For me, this one is a joy I get to help Xander

He is 5 years old, cute kid, active and in all day kindergarten,

His dad Drives DumpTruck and is never home by 2:30 pm.

Mom is enrolled full time at North Island College till 3:30 pm.

In her busy first year of a three-year degree in Early Childhood Education(ECE).

The plan is to have a day home offering up to 16 hours a day coverage w/ school pickup and drop-off options.

Good Plan, one I support. 

Now on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays I get to Be Super Grandpa at 2:30 pm.

Like when I was that Band parent when his mother, Oryanna was in Band and Choir in high school  I have been blessed I was actively involved in the raising and educating of our children. Durning High School  I was one of those Band Parents for five years I came out in the day for field trips and always signed up to go on the road. My family Life has been blessed since I left cooking to be a full-time parent in 2001. 

Raising my own Children then and now helping raise my grandkids is a huge part of my Lifestyle and

the Family is my Biggest “Why”

As, I reach out of my comfort zone to open the Big Box that is unfolding;

“My future is so Bright, I have to Wear Shades!”

If you want to be that healthy active stay at home grandparent check out my last post about all the cool teachers and trainers I now and have used at some point these last four years.

Please, share this with someone that wants to work from home, leave a comment so they know why they could benefit from checking it out!

Thanks in Advance, Michael Gene Pearce

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