What type of Filter do you use for your Water that you Drinking

Check out this Video:


One of the First Major Changes

I made that helped me a lot was to have Breakfast.

The First thing I do Now is

Prime the Pump with a Glass of Filtered Water.

Your Body is 70% Water,

Brain Tissue and Heart Muscle are over 75% Water.










Potable Water is a Guarantee

Free of Living Organisms,

Here is  an Alex Jones Video about this problem:

the Treatments Used on Our Water  has


in that Water. Knowing this, do you Understanding Why????????



” Simply Filtering your Water Makes Perfect Sense?”


Second Healthy  Change  was Ingesting 20 Grams Of Immunocal Every Morning,

Helps your body Detox Naturally

Immunocal Whey Protein Isolate it has a Bio-Logical Value of  110%

Knowing  a Fresh Raw Egg White is 100% Value (if less than 1/2 an hour Fresh from the Chicken.)

In my Two Packages I get the same Food Value that I would get had I consumed 22 Raw Fresh Egg Whites.

Now I am all for Eating my Way to Health

I don’t like the Taste of Raw Egg Whites


I do not Own a Farm!!!

40 Chickens / Person to have fresh organic Eggs daily



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