Your Three Keys to Personal Health and a Long Life are


Attitude, Intake and Exercise


Positive Mental Attitude; Even in the Emergency room I knew I would be fine

Increase the Quality of your Intake; What I consumed daily for four years supported my Body when I was tested, because I had a Reserve of Cysteine stored in my Liver the bodies natural protective system functioned as designed. The Immune response used the Cysteine to create Glutathione on demand to Protect my heart muscle from reprefusion injury. This is the most important fact for best results you must have been taking Immunocal before the critical event.

Last but not Least “Exer-cise”, My Personal Enemy


I will be putting this claim to the Test 13% Improvement in Muscular Performance


It has always been a Double “FOUR” Letter WORD for ME!

I don’t think I have every share this with anyone even my closeted Family.

Except for a short period of time between  13-17 years of age

I have never been in good shape unless round is  a good shape

At 12  ….          I was 5’2″ and weight about 200#

As a Teenager to get exercise I Skated 6 days a week


Coached younger Amateur Figure Skaters


Step by step  just like I did slow and steady wins the Race

Step by step just like I did slow and steady wins the Race


I spent 30 hours a week in the Arena

5 of  that was Hoping / Running Up/Down the bleachers to build leg muscles

In that 4 years I only lost 10#

Grew 8  Inches

Ended up 5’10” and 195#

It was a Great way to finish High school.

I got a drives license,

Stop walking and Skating daily

Took A  Full time J.O.B as Apprentice Chef @ 16

Put a way my Bike

Meet  Angela,


Started a family

Started gaining 10# every winter

Then only lost 5 the next summer

Till some time around 2008 I weight a Massive 290# with a 48″ Waist


It almost killed me    Pun Intended



You can Die from a Broken HeartHeart Health Facts

You need to walk at least 3 km four times a week

If you can not walk your 3 km’s in 30 minutes

If you are short of breath see your Doctor and get a stress test

Now that I can think back clearly

I remember a few times I was short of Breath

In the six months before the big Heart Attack!

If I had gotten checked out I may not have had to have had this Heart Attack!

 Partly because I have always been size extra Large

I was rarely picked for school teams I do enjoy most sports even to this day.

As a I have put my Life back together

I made conscious decision to only consider contract employment

Self employed Work that has a physical component to it

Exercise has always been a four letter word for me

After avoiding it most of my adult life

I find I like it More and More now as become Healthier and more Active

The Walking to a Healthier Heart

Midst of Tragedy




After the heart attack it was made very clear if I wanted to be healthy

I had to have a workout as part of my Just Over Broke (JOB)

For me not ending up back in the heart Health Unit  again.

Started the day after my first three Stents where installed.

I walked around the Hospital Ward until I had covered 1 KM

10 laps that first day,     20 laps the next day

I got let out to visit Family at home before the last surgery was done.

To the staffs knowledge that doctor has never given a patent that had not completed his surgeries,

Permission to leave the hospital ever!

By day three I went outside and walked 3 km’s  around the Hospital grounds

One week out of the hospital I had my Wife Angela Drive me around my Auto Trader Magazine route

Even though I can not drive yet I do my Route with Her driving me

Telling me to take it easy not lift to much I can still her Now!

After the month I get the Okay to Drive  and start delivering

the Local Record and Echo newspapers to the Carriers again.

In March I am Feeling so good I go after a new contract

This time It has a    3 km walking part

Again my work is getting me to exercise more often.

Three months after my Heart Attack I was working 20 hours a week

Getting to lift 150 bundles that are 30-40# each

4 times a week

Walking 12 Km

Finally I lose the last 30# and get to

195# for the first time in my Adult Life!


Six months into my recovery I find another Delivery Position this one is with the Local Air Force base distributing the Totem Times Newspaper, Better Money, More Walking once every two weeks  easy to fit in Life is Getting more rewarding I am getting more money and Exer-cise!


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