Eating Right, may not be Sexy!

Though, it can make you appear that way!

Every once in a while, I have to get back on the horse I rode here on.

Back to basics now who quit on their New years resolutions already?

Come on be honest.

Are you still going to the gym or did you tap out a couple of weeks  ago?

Here’s a novel Idea.

Do something different than every other year.

Let’s start with the basics

I lost 125 pounds of unwanted fat in less than four years.

More important I have kept it off for the last two years.

Here is the rub - that’s is only 2.5 pounds each month.

For me, it started with having two small breakfasts instead of none.

Fat Mikee was only eating lunch and dinner, slept late because I stayed up late, working evenings for so many years.

Second, thing I started to reduce stress in my life directly by stopping anything I was doing that did not make me happy or get my body moving.

I also started taking a nature stress reducer in the from Milk that lowers cortisol in the blood stream and helps reduce belly fat.

That my favorite supplement help reduce belly fat.

I Love Science.

No one ever said, “Can I get some Extra, Belly Fat?”

Novel idea, I still eat three meals and three snacks daily.

Turns out smaller amounts,

More often,

Works better.

I am not telling you,

You have to to do what I did.

If you have not found a way yet that lets you slowly take off that belly fat.

You will have problems keeping a healthy attitude.

Stop trying the next quick fix.

Commit to following a simple daily eating plan. 

Start eating a little earlier in the day.

Start with the cleanest protein.

Click the link on the left then order two Immunocal, the daily essentials and two PNT each

Get started in three days when it gets to you.

Then start weekly weight ins.

Last step go outside and take a walk, not only is it good for your heart.

It can help you, see you shoes again.

If want to talk call me numbers at the top of the page.

Not ready to order today.

Add your e-mail to the box on the right.

More info, than you imagined.

Michael, Getting to the Heart of the Matter!






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