I am sure you have heard,

If You Want Different Results?

Then do something Differently.

It like the old saying about the mind that created the problem,

Can not solve the problem.


Do you understand following outdated info. can lead to misunderstandings?

Now that I have survived five years, 

I find out that Heart and Stoke info, I got in the hospital was old news,

That’s where I got the number I have been using in the posts on my Blog.

You know that statement 50% will live 5 years.

It comes from 10 year long studies, started in the ninteen fifties.

Published in the late 1960s’

Read this article I found it explains where are now and how old that data is.

Heart Failure Death Statistics: Don’t believe what you read on the internet

This does not explain my one question clearly.

I wanted to know if drug-eluding stents Good or Bad?

Everyone was doing them 5 years ago when Dr.Leather did mine.


Let’s do the health reveiw:

Five years out

Good colestoral is over 1% bad is under 2%

Blood pressure 135/70 normally unless Angela is the only one in the room.

Still under 200 pounds, just under, but still under.

The last time I was under 200 pounds I was elven years old.

It took 37 years and a major heart attack for me to kick the over eating habit.

It took a complete change in eating habits.

Deep fryed foods two or three times a month instead of each week.

I started Reading Labels,

Checking fat content.

I like to stay under 15% fat in my meats.

If you check some meat products like to the ground pork offered for stuffing turkeys at Christmas some are over 50% fat.

My work around for that one, is to use a small grinder and process my own force meat from a bone-in fresh pork shoulder.

De-Boned, remove all the fat and cartilige add back 10 % of the fat.

Season with ground black pepper, Pink himalayan sea salt, Soya Sauce(I like China Lily),  LP sauce, and Tyme.

Run a couple of celery stocks and half an onion through the grinder to clean it and also helps keep the stuffing moist.

I like to filter my drinking water,

I don’t not consume any Carbonated beverages this includes Beer.

I stopped smoking in 2001, saved me a zipper.

Dr Leather shared this detaail after I had my stints installed.

When he asked, “If I smoked”

It was to see if I got a quad bypass instead of stents.

If you have a Loved one that still smokes?

Share this post with them.

This little piece of info may save that loved one a twelve inch zipper.

Dr Leather wanted me to let others know.

He normal has to explain it after he has saved their life by cracking there rib cage to save them.

This information can not help them afterwords. 

This was why one of the reasons I started to Blog four years ago.

I wanted to offer hope to people that wanted a choice to more pills and shorter life span.

If you want to start your own journey to health chick here to order the food protion of Michael Health Answer.

I hope you can think of someone that wants to lose their love handles has high blod pressure, Daibetes or Cardiac health challanges to share this with.

Honestly, you will be helping both of us. 💡 





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