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Why Listen to Michael?


Tip: 1.1 Exer-Cise 

a Personal Favorite,

Double four letters word.

a big third of the solution I will share:

Life is all about forward motion so,

“Walking for your Heart is not just a Slogan…”



Tip: 1.2 Intake

Second important part of the discipline I Teach…

What you eat and how you clean store and when you rotate your food,

Safe handling tips form a Professional Chef with over thirty years of Gourmet food preparation experience.

Heart Healthy will taste good…



Tip 1.3 Attitude:

How to get started;

I share the first step I took on my Journey back to an Energized Lifestyle!!!

Follow a Proven Cardiac Support Plan based on Eating better Quality and less Quantity of Food.



Code 1.4 Bonus Food Handling or safety tip

Safe and Fresh food Handling tips



ūüėÜ Let’s get this party started.

#1  Bonus Health Tip: Quality Cooking Oils are worth the Price difference.

You are what you eat, Right?

When I started cooking professionally in 1981 we used shorten (lard from cattle) for Deep Frying, then came Vegetable Oil, after that Canola Oil. Excuse me what plant does Canola come from?

It has come to my attention that supplements where only a part of the dietary transformation that lead to the two of us loosing over 180 lbs between us in just over 5 years.

I recommend you use¬† First Press Virgin Olive Oil when cooking or Frying next is whole salted Butter that has been clarified, as my old Germany Chef Joe Wosk would say “Butter makes it Better, Michaell” always hard on that last L.



Now, that I have peaked your interest with:

Heart Health Tips: 1.0


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