Life is Good,

I have found a worthwhile cause to support.

One that is not about my health results…

I have found something larger,

I have seen a Masterful Plan created by a man of Vision.

With the greatest minds in the business world, working together.

We can win the war without firing a Single Shot.

I just started on this freshly revealed  path.

I saw an opportunity to effect real change.

To be part of the Pollution Solution.

If you want more information watch this YouTube playlist to the end.

Monday Night while the new moon was being eclipsed.

I was the First International partner at Powur;

Jonathon Budds’ evolution-friendly business model. 

I waited two weeks to get the invite.

So many had out there hands up so fast.

Each Partner only gets 10 invites a day.

It keeps the playing field level.

I believe this is smart business. 


Larry Hochman, who I was working with in Mind Intensive interceded,

“Got Me Hooked Up!” as the younger people say.

Now I have the chance to reach out to ask people something of monumental important… 

Do you want to Be part of this positive transformation?

Changing the balance of Power this decentralization will benefit this Planet?

Ones that might never have wanted my raw health solution.

What could I offer other marketers that work at my company already or were happy at their health opportunities?

Then along comes Jonathon Budd.

He is working first with “Solar City” a Tesla Subsidiary

The one that was named a top 10 innovative companies in the US.

Check out this article from the New Yorker:  Changes are coming!

Everyone in the Grid will be in a position to sell other products.

The Powerwall and Tesla cars, through our grids one day.

When they come to market I want You to already be in my Grid.

Unless you are already inside, have a look at what is being offered.

There are two options one paid, Powur Partner, and a free, Powur Advocate.

 If you take the free choice you can be paid a referral fee on all installs you referee.

Even if this is not for you today.

Take the free spot in my Gird.

This way we are guaranteed to work together.

Anytime you or someone you know needs a solar system.

This is such a good thing, I had to share it.

CALL me, when you are free for a few minutes;  


Michael the messenger,

Take back your Powur! 



Have the Power in U to Disrupted and Decentralized the largest industry in the world.

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