Do you Remember, Groundhog Day, the Movie?

You know the one Starting Bill Murray?

A truly fun Canadian guy!

Bill Murrays’ Character gets out of bed every morning to repeat the same day till he gets it right.

Sorry if you want to know how it ends take the time and watch it.

Wednesday morning this week I experienced Deja Voa reoccurring theme with me and a certain little red car we have owned for three years this May.

Since I purchased this car there has been a reoccurring theme with me and a certain little red car we have owned for three years this May.

Certain, 1999 VW Golf gas two liters with a 5 speed,


We drove it for papers for six months when I got home from papers and the car was parked nose in. I asked Ang she said the reverse gear, is gone. I had to push it onto the road from a driveway near the end of the route then stay on the road and do U-turns to get done and home.

Smart Girl most people would have called a tow truck.

It sat around for a couple of months then we found a 1984 VW Jetta diesel that still drove but rust had ended its’ useful life. We got the car for parts for $100 from some nice old folks that my Mechanic Jeff had known for years.

We put it back together and after about three months same problem the used tranny never did shift correctly, I chipped the reverse gear days after it was installed before we found out we should have used the type two shifter with the type two tranny. Three months later back where we started older and wiser. the second time. it took over a year to find the right car to donate parts.

It took over a year to find the right car to donate parts without spending a fortune!

Back in January, we found it 1999 VW Golf red 2 l gas w/ 5spd.

In a tow yard front end damage, no papers, and a rebuilt 5-speed transaxle.

Double bonus only $240 delivered to my garage.

The Local Auto wrecks wanted $650 for just the transaxle, no parts car with spare everything.

Two weeks ago we got it back on the road.

Then yesterday at 6:30 I pull in customer’s driveway hop out, paper in the box on the porch.

Get back into the car, drop the clutch.


Sounds like a small caliber pistol, going off.

Then the car rolls forward, instead of backing up the driveway.

Get out pop the hood as I am looking around checking the clutch linkage as it had broken once before.

No when I look down I see gear oil from inside the tranny run out the drain path on either side of the motor.

Look under the car can see the axle has come loose from the transaxle and I have no final drive worst yet the leak says I have more than one problem to deal with than just the loose axel. 

I close the hood talk to the homeowner about leaving there while I go home and borrow my daughter’s car to finish the route and “Get Her Done”, as my favorite red neck says.

I finish the papers come back with the mechanic good news the axle will still work when connected again. and the leak was a small whole in the case of the tranny caused by the axel coming undone and hitting it at 1,200 RPM.

Still counting my blessings because standard transmissions are not pressurized and the leak was patched in the car with JB Weld in an hour.


The car was back on the road only cost me $50 in parts and gas no charge for the time as the mechanic could not explain how it came loose and fixed it on warranty.

It can all work out if you are not in a rush and can wait till the right time and place total repair including the parts car and all labor.

Only added up to $750 to get the car, I owned back on the road.

Ready to roll.

Never give up!




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