Started today thinking of taking today off from Blogging then the wife, Angela (#1 Love Angel) said,

Grama Angela with Brooklyn on the Patio

Two of the Loves of my Life!

Do what you Love!

So I took her at her word and about half an Hour later, I sit down in the office at the Keyboard of my computer.

I have a question?

“How do you Appreciate your Life!”

Let me share the Ways and Why this has been the Best Year ever for Michael Gene Pearce your Chief Blogger

I am in the Best Health and overall Physical Condition so far this Life

Not Bad for  almost 49 year old guys that has had a Heart  Attack!


You get what you think about most!

I consciously choose everyday to BE Positive


I am Surround with Growing Circle of  Supportive Angels Assisting me, each in there own way!

Mom (Heather), The Arch Angel Protecting me watching over my Journey,

Hope you are Smiling, now that you are free of your mortal pains

My Mother Heather  with me Her Father and His Father

Four Generation Me, Mom(Heather), Her Dad (Bill) and His Father

Angela, the about mentioned # 1 Love Angel, without Your Love and Support I would Never have grown this Strong

 Robin Husband, Friend, Mentor, Life Coach You shared the benefits of Immunocal

It Saved this Life, Thank You 

 Phyllis Chubb, Trusted  Advisor and Guide Your Timely Words of Wisdom Helped me Change a Bad Decision that saved my Life when,

I wanted to End It All 

Ann Sieg,  the Fairy Good Mother of Attraction Marketer; Thank You for Showing me a Better way to share my Message

Lorraine McNulty; Mistress of the WP Blog, #1 Technical Support Angel,

Agnes Knowles; Editor of Text and Photos you make me Sound Smart & Look Skilled and that is so Cool. You are now the Rock-Star Blogging Angel

Sonia Freer; Champion Blogger  and New Found Cohort you will be know as Social Media Angel

Kelly Everill; You really make me look GOOD! Life long Friend, now on staff as Kelly the Art Angel,

Beth Hewitt; The Amazing Champion Blogger Rock Star Promoter with the Best Blog Posse….

Natasha Hazlett; for bring out what was always hiding inside me so I could work with it instead of against myself.

Each of you has helped in some way to Accelerating this Launch Process

I am Blessed to have meet and know each of you

Now I am Doubly Bless to have found a Responsive audience

That is what every Blogger Needs.

Please bring your Comments and Questions

If I do not know the answers

I will be Introducing you those that can answer your Questions.



“the only stupid question is the one you never ask”




Be Healthier while Paying Less Income Tax + Early Retirement in Good Health!

 It is No Fun to Work in a Vacuum hard to get it all done by ones self I have found new my fellow Bloggers a comrade that has been Missing in my Life since I left working in the restaurant BiZ

If you Blog Please Visit this earlier Post

Than send me your Info

I want to understand what you do

Why you do it

So when me or any of my followers need assistance they can use your service instead of just Goggling and Hoping every think works Out. Right 😆


I would Like to Mention the Few Important men In my life although this list is Short

Peter Pearce, Father, #1 Supporter and Biggest Immunocal/CherryPower Fan

Mike Wallace, Chef Extraordinaire, First Mentor and Cooking Instructor

Alan Ogden, For Setting the Bar High when showing me how a health professional should lead by example

Ed Jones for staying on Immunocal because his friend Peter said it was Good for him and his Wife

Dave Henderson, Game Master and a Wealth of Useful Information

Barrie Evans , a New Friend that helped me remember it is my story….

Peter Ronald Pockington for assisting me when I was down and reminding me that Mother always knows Best.


I Appreciate Life More and More Everyday as I enjoy just being alive 😛




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