Did you know, You can Die from a Broken Heart?


It is a proven medical fact you can Die from a broken heart:


Do you want to fix a “Broken Heart”?

This was an important part of my survival story it turns out that when my mother Heather, Died too young at 64 it literally broke my heart. Thirty one days later just like the statistics said, I suffered a Widow Maker Heart Attack. I could have died if I had not had the attack when I did. For me losing my Mom put pressure on my over taxed heart. It turns out that I had three 90% blockages and two smaller 70% obstruction if everything had been normal I would have been fully blocked off by the time it happened on it’s own. I may have needed to be shocked and not have lived to tell this story. 

Do you want to be Healthy?

No matter what you face in the second half of this Game of LIFE??

Do you believe you are worth investing in daily?

Would you like to improve your overall physical well Being?

If enjoying Life is your top priority?

I have what you are looking for.


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Does anyone you  know want to fix a “Broken Heart”


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