I have only scratched the Surface.

I will not be stopping after Small Easily Digestible Bites - Heart Healthy Super Foods.

Music is Life that is why your Heart has a Beat

Music is Life that is why your Heart has a Beat


Now I get to talk about my Favourite Topic in the World!

Immunocal Protects your Heart & Supports the Lungs.

Much to my surprise the same day I was in the Heart Health Unit in Royal Jubilee Hospital, there was a Medical Study being Published that said the Immunocal I had been Taking would Protect my Heart Muscle.

I had the Proof of that Claim when, the Hot Young Nurse doing my Echo Cardiogram stop the Procedure and went to get her more experienced college to double check the test results she was getting because the Echo done in the Hospital showed 45% Heart Muscle Function. The second tech re-did all the test then they double checked each yours outcomes. Both agreed the results Showed the Heart Muscle was preforming at 60%. The Surgeon Dr Leather, had said he would be happy if there was measurable improvement in the first two years after the stents where installed and if I took Care of myself they would be able to replace the stent in 14-15 Years when they became congested again.

I have covered a lot of this ground already so as not to bore my regular readers I will Link to the Page with the heart info then I will start to tell my story again:  


This from the Free E-Book“Your Heart Attack Survival Guide”.

If you have High Blood Pressure, Hypertension or a Heart Condition and Lost a Loved One

You should get an EKG to check your heart as soon as you can, because your chances of having a heart attack just went up by 20%.

You can Die from a Broken Heart

“True Story!” When you lose a close family member (like a parent) or a true friend (Husband / Wife), your chances of having a heart attack go up by as much as 20% 




I lost my Mom exactly 30 days before my Heart Attack.

  • I had high blood pressure,
  • a bad cholesterol ratio,
  • was still 40+ lbs overweight,
  • after Losing 60 # and
  • Smoked for approx. 20 years,

‘Quitting’, was that simple choice that saved me from a permanent zipper.”

If I had been a cigarette smoker I would have had a Quad Bypass instead of “4 New Stents” 

85% of the people who have this type of Heart Attack outside of Hospital “Die”

It is called a “Widow Maker” because there is little to no warning sign –

You just keep getting slower and feel tired all the time till that day you wake up with an Elephant sitting on your chest or don’t wake at all.

It is never to late to make a better choice, take a different path.

One of my symptoms I missed, was needing Reading Glasses all of a sudden.

  • The Optic Nerve is the largest user of Blood in your head
  • When your heart is not work properly your senses are diminished
  • I lost fine sense of touch about 2 weeks before the attack
  • About this time my Wife Angela started to complain I had cold Feet – another first.
  • Every minute counts, go straight to a hospital when an attack hits, survival time ranges from a few minutes to several hours.

I Had a “Two Small Attack” about 5 and 16 Hours before the One that took me to the Hospital

  • Early Symptoms may be mistaken for food poisoning, flu or general malaise until they intensify.
  • Symptoms at initial onset may include nausea, shortness of breath, dizziness, pain in the head, jaw, arms or chest, numbness in the fingers.
  • Any of these symptoms, signal the need for immediate medical attention.

Widow Maker may not kill instantaneously but induces cardiac arrest which may cause death within 10 to 20 minutes.

A victim with no pulse or breath may still be living off oxygen stored in the blood and could be saved if treatment is begun within this window.

-That is “Why Knowing CPR” is so Important!

- I Never Lost Consciousness during the Attack or the Surgery

– It is amazing what I remember once I COULD Think Clearly for the first time in years.

If you are over forty,

  • overweight,
  • tired all the time,
  • diabetic or
  • hypertensive like I was,

You need to understand there is a medically proven supplement that can actually help with the impaired glucose tolerance in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus (DM) and for obese patients; reduction in body weight;  maintenance of muscle mass, and further studies have shown that ” Undenatured Whey Protein” can also lead to reductions in blood pressure, inflammation, and oxidative stress.

My Own Cardiologist  said, he could not recommend the Whey Protein I was taking because he was unwilling to do his own Research on the subject as a Medical Professional, he would have to do a complete review of all the facts before he could recommend any product to a patient.

This same Doctor then told me, “If I believed that this product was the reason I was in the Top One Percent for Recovery of all the patients he had seen in his Thirty Years as a  Medical Professional, I should Keep Taking It.”

It must be the difference maker, none of his other patients had protected their hearts like I had.

I am the only one to have had a 33% improvement in heart muscle function in the 13 week period after having the stents put in.

True story: “today I take 2 pills a day and weight 185# if I stay away from the Deep Fryer.



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