This is Close to MY Heart!

Super Important to understand 28% of the people

Alive Today will die from a Heart Attack

To Help Improve the Odds I will share one of Michaels Health Answers

a Personal Favourite I take everyday Omega -3 with Extra Kick  

This is not just a Catchy Phrase: I Nearly Died of a Broken Heart

My Mother Heather died of Liver Failure at 64 exactly, 31 days before my Heart Attack!

Medical fact, not a fiction, when you lose a Loved one your personal risk of having a heart attack goes up by twenty percent.

I shared about this early in my Blog…

This Post shares about how many Medications I start when I left the Hospital with four Stints.

Now I only take Two Prescriptions a Day

Just to be sure we are still on the same page

Links to Early Work on this Topic

These are all the Medical Facts I have been able to find so far in my Search for Answers 

This is a re-post from the start of my first 30 days Simply Blogging Challenge with Beth Hewitt three years ago that helped me build a following online, improving my Alexa Rank!

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Help me Naturally Decrease my Dangerously High Blood Pressure

From 130/180 down to 65/120



Thanks You all for your help you are True Friends Indeed!

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His Blogging career started four Years ago when he started training Online.

Building this Website and  Writing his own Biography in Posts.



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