Times are Changing, Do you Except Change?

I have had the same contract as a driver for fifteen years now because Times are changing, I have been forced to ask myself, "Do you Except Change?" I tended to fight it for the first 46 years. Now I go with the flow. I have been work the past two years to simplify my...

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What are your Risk Factors?

Do you want to know:  What are your Risk Factors? What you do not understand can Kill You!   In order to dispel some common myths I have been working on sharing the risk factors and I had most of these. This list should have gotten my attention sooner. In hopes you as...

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Back to what brought me Online.

The Issue of the day are: The Health of the Planet is a Really Big Deal. You are the One that gets to choose: Black or Orange Pill. Do you want to see a disruption that leads to change the whole structure of Energy Distribution System?  Are you happy leaving this mess...

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Why you need to Jump on this “Space X” Launch?

Do you Believe it is time for BIG CHANGES in HOW the Energy Sector does Business?   I know, I want to see a change so bad I found a way to promote it Remotely from out of Country. If I can grow my Grid in the untied States from Canada what excuse are you going to...

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MLM Opportunities have this Problem in Common

MLM Opportunities have this Problem in Common.     Check out this post: What's Wrong with Network Marketing Imagine you make 5% 0r 10% of a two hundred auto-ships you get $10 or $20. You have to pay your own $200 auto-ship so you can get paid so at 5%...

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Want to Plug Into a Cleaner Energy Grid

Do You, Want to Plug Into a Cleaner Energy Grid? Would it be easier to consider if you knew it going to be done by "Solar City" who did a full third of last years solar installs in the U.S.A. It is backed by a $40,000,000,000 Lease program, the Tesla company owner has...

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Evolutionary Transformation Creates Bliss

Man as a species has seen more change in the last 20 years. Then in the past 200 years. During that time, the oil syndicate that has been destroying our planet has been in charge. In my fifty years here: this is the first option I have ever seen that will affect real...

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